licensed plumbing companySometimes little things that go wrong around the house pile up and you might not want to spend that extra money to pay someone to fix them. When it comes to plumbing problems, you should hire a professional plumber over a handy man in all cases. See these 4 reasons it pays to hire a licensed plumbing company to fix your plumbing problems in your home.


All of our employees at Wyman Plumbing have passed a criminal background check. They have also have a clean driving record. This should make you feel a bit safer having a stranger in your home. You can even call us to confirm you’re letting in who you think you’re letting into your home if this makes you feel safer.

Proper Training

When you hire a licensed plumbing company. you can rest assured that the plumber will know what they’re doing while they’re in your home working on your plumbing. Plumbers must demonstrate their competence prior to being issued a plumbing license, and have 4 years’ experience in plumbing.  They must also possess the skills necessary in both plumbing, and finance before being issued a plumbing license.


A licensed plumbing company such as Wyman Plumbing is fully insured. When you hire a company that is fully insured, this protects you and your home from damage or accidents caused by the work done during the plumbing repair.

Skillful Repair

A licensed plumbing company won’t only repair your plumbing problem skillfully, but they’ll find the root of the problem both quickly and efficiently too. They won’t put you through unnecessary digging around or tearing through walls to find the issue.

When you choose Wyman Plumbing to fix your plumbing problem, our skilled plumbers are fully Insured, Licensed, Bonded, and we are a Drug Free Workplace so you can feel confident that the servicemen you are letting into your home take pride in providing you the kind of service your neighbors have come to expect.  If you have a plumbing problem, call Wyman!

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