hydro-jettingHow do you know it’s time to have your drainage system cleaned? Your pipes need regular maintenance just like any other area of your home. Keeping your pipes cleaned keeps them running as they should, and helps to prevent bigger problems from happening. These are some of the major signs that you should have hydro-jetting to clean your drainage system.

Are your drains draining slowly?

If you are noticing one or more of your drains are beginning to drain slowly, this could be the start of a clog in your pipes or sewer system. As it begins to get worse, the clog will grow and more drains will become affected. The more they become affected; it will increase the probability that the drains will need to be cleaned.

Are you noticing a smell?

If you are noticing a smell coming from more than one drain, then you have a problem which will require deep cleaning of your drainage system.

Do you hear gurgling sounds?

If you hear gurgling coming from your drains, there has been too much dirt and grease collecting in your pipes, this is causing air bubbles. Once the obstruction has been cleared, the bubbling sound will go away.

Are you standing in water during a shower?

Usually this is caused by hair becoming trapped in the drain. But anything left untreated can lead to larger problems. Typically, if you clear the hair from the drain this will clear up the issue.

The best way to clear the pipes in your home is to have hydro-jetting done. This is a deep cleaning that actually scours the insides of your pipes making them almost new again. This is the most efficient way to get the insides of the pipes clean, and to get water moving freely again. To see if hydro-jetting will help you; give the experts at Wyman Plumbing a call today!

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