Are you a new homeowner? There are so many new things you need to learn if so, It isn’t like renting an apartment, or even like owning a condo. Owning your own home comes with so many pluses, but also has it’s challenges. Plumbing is one of those. There isn’t anyone to call, except a professional plumber when something goes wrong. But we do have plumbing tips for new homeowners to help you get started. See our 5 plumbing tips for new homeowners below.

5 Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

One of the most important things you need to buy to start your life in your new home is a plunger. And you actually need two of them. One for the toilet, and one for sinks and tubs. Keep it clean and in a nice spot, but also keep it handy so it’s there for you when you need it.

If your home is equipped with a garbage disposal, be sure you are aware of what can and can’t be put down it. It can be damaged! There are simple things like eggshells, oil, grease, and coffee grinds that cannot be put through it. These will damage and could even clog it. These items belong in the trash. You don’t want to get a clog, or ruin the disposal. We wrote a blog about that before.

One of the easiest ways to both damage your home, and to have a high water bill is through a leak in the plumbing. So it’s important that you can spot a sign of a leak by hearing dripping water, seeing water where it shouldn’t be, noticing wet walls, or and increased water bill. If any of these occur, it’s important to contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Know where the water shut off valve is in the case of an emergency. Should something happen and you need to turn off the water to the house, it’s important that you know where this valve is. Each house is different, but they are typically located where the water comes into the house.

Having a reliable plumber you can trust is important. Wyman Plumbing has been serving the Bradenton area for over 100 years. We are locally trusted and are here to help you with all of your plumbing needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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