The holidays are coming and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is a friendly reminder to be kind to your garbage disposal, as well as your kitchen pipes. No one wants to invite a plumber to Thanksgiving Dinner. While we’d love to stop by for a quick bite to eat, we’re sure you’d rather spend time with loved ones, gathered around the table, enjoying your time together, for some this might be the first time together in a while.

Garbage Disposal

An Ode to our Disposal

Although you are meant to chop and grind as we prepare our feast,

Turkey skin, bones and fat, celery stalk and veggies skins are things you like the least!

We try and shove you to the brim then turn you on and wait,

Only to find your blades can not turn and a stoppage is our new fate.

This year we promise to be gentle and slowly feed our debris,

With lots of water running, we will avoid the plumbers’ fee!!

To avoid inviting one of our plumbers to Thanksgiving dinner, maybe it is time to change-out your older disposal before you begin your holiday cooking!

To help out around the holiday season, we’ve added a new garbage disposal coupon to our discount page, so be sure to Gobble up our coupons on our website. Happy Thanksgiving!

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