We’ve all had toilet troubles, and often times, they’re not at convenient times either. Sometimes toilet troubles are easy fixes, other times a professional plumber is needed to fix them. These are some of the most common toilet troubles we come across.

Toilet Troubles

Toilet Runs Constantly

When a toilet continues to run long after it has flushed or has a hissing sound for an extended period of time, it is most likely caused by the tank’s float or inlet valve. Check if the float needs adjusting or that the refill tube isn’t too far below the rim of the overfill tube. It should only be ¼ of an inch. If neither of those two adjustments work, then the whole assembly piece should be replaced.

Bad Smelling Toilet

A bad smell coming from your toilet can be caused by a few things, the easiest one would be a leaky wax seal ring at the base of the toilet.  Another could be a clogged drain vent. The worst of these three problems would be a cracked toilet bowl. In that case the whole toilet would need to be replaced.

Trickling Water

If you hear trickling water, or it sounds as though the toilet has been flushed and no one is there, the flapper probably needs adjusting or replacement. This is due to water leaking into the bowl slowly. Drain the bowl and check and see if it is worn or damaged.

Slow Flushing Toilet

If the toilet is clogged, it can flush slowly. The clog doesn’t have to be a visible one. Try using a plunger to clear it. If that doesn’t work, it could be further down the sewer line, possibly a root obstruction, and if that is the case, other drains might be draining slower as well. At this point it is time to call a professional plumber for a video camera inspection.

At Wyman Plumbing, we’re confident we can pinpoint the problem, and make you feel comfortable with the solution. Give us a try, we’re proud to be your Bradenton area hometown plumber!

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