Have you ever got up in the morning and enjoyed a nice warm shower only to be suddenly jarred by cold water or even scalding hot water? It isn’t a fun experience to have water temperature fluctuate in the shower, but it does happen. There are several reasons to have your water temperature fluctuate in the shower. 

Water Temperature Fluctuate in the Shower

One of the most common reasons could be that the pipes in your home are too small. This happens with older homes. Essentially, the diameter of the pipes are too narrow. Think of your home’s plumbing like a tree with branches. They get smaller as they spread out throughout the home. If another area of the home requires water, the supply gets pulled in another direction causing the water to divert, making the water either hot or cold. This can be rectified by repiping your home with a professional plumber.

If you’re flushing a toilet, or using an appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher, this could also cause the same effect. Especially if the cycle is hot, you’ll be left with cold water when the appliance is demanding hot water. It is best to not use appliances when showering. 

Pressure balancing valves could be the culprit too. These are put in place to balance the hot and cold water in your shower. If the hot or cold water decreases while showering, you could be left with either very hot or cold water. Replacing those needs to be done by an experienced plumber such as one from Wyman Plumbing. 

Your water heater could also be to blame. If your water heater isn’t big enough for your home, or the size of your household, it could be time to upgrade to a larger one.

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