We’re all used to hearing sounds in our house. Whether it’s the house shifting as it ages, or different air conditioning sounds. Or even the sounds of the house heating and cooling down each day, although at the moment that isn’t really happening. But on occasion, there are sounds that aren’t good, or normal to hear at all. These are sounds in your walls that could signify problems with the plumbing in your home. Below are some of the sounds that should alert you as to a potential plumbing problem, and to call the experts at Wyman Plumbing as soon as possible!

plumbing problem


When water runs through the pipes in your home, it will cause the pipes to shake, this is normal. But if you’re hearing the pipes shake, this could mean that they’re not secured as they should be. Pipes should be secured by straps, and if the straps become loose, this will cause the shaking and that’s what you’re hearing. They will either need to be tightened, or replaced.

Gurgling Drains

Gurgling drain sounds can happen when there is a clog somewhere down the drain. It’s due to water being blocked, and the water trying to make its way through the drain. If you hear gurgling through many drains, then the other problem that it could be is that the drain vents aren’t properly vented in the home. This is causing air bubbles, and they need to be fixed.

Hammer or Banging

If you hear banging when you turn off the water, this is a called a water hammer. It happens when the water is turned off/ the flow of water stops and has nowhere to go. What causes the noise is that the change in direction of the water causes the pipes to crash into each other. Should it be allowed to continue, the pipes could become loosened and damaged.

The best and most effective way to fix any of these potential plumbing problems is to call a professional plumber. Wyman Plumbing has been a true fixture in the plumbing industry in the Bradenton area since 1924. Contact us today!

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