Summer is the time to have fun, especially this summer. We’ve been stuck in our homes for quite awhile and deserve a little more fun this year. We don’t want to be dealing with plumbing problems. Summer plumbing problems often occur because we’re home more than usual. Here the top 3 summer plumbing problems, and how to help prevent them.

Summer Plumbing Problems

Garbage Disposal

In the summer we tend to eat more fruit in Bradenton. We’re outside at the beach and fruit is a quick cool thing to grab and eat. We also use our grills more often during the summer months, because who wants to cook inside and heat up the house more? So these are the types of foods we don’t want to be putting down the disposal; things like watermelon rinds, fruit pits, and greasy foods. They can cause a garbage disposal to clog quickly.

Shower Drains

Summer days are often spent at the beach, which turns in to many showers. Often times they are showers made up of sandy children with sandy bathing suits. If possible, try to wash off outside, or even better, shower off the sand at the beach to avoid filling up your own shower drain with sand.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is going to be getting a lot of extra work with all the trips to the beach. Between the beach, the pool, and just changing extra clothes in general, because you’re home more, it’s being used more in the summer. Heavy towel loads put extra strain on any washing machine. Try to keep the loads lighter if possible. Keep an eye on the hose in the back also, to make sure it isn’t kinked or leaking.

If any of these problems arise during the summer, or any time of the year, the professional plumbers at Wyman Plumbing are here for you. Give us a call at 941-755-1595 or reach out to us online. We want to handle the problem before it gets out of hand!

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