Have you ever hopped in the shower only to be left standing in a pool of water? Or started washing the dishes and be left with a sink full of water? The truth is, clogged drains are actually a problem. They’re much more than a small inconvenience. Clogged drains need to be fixed before they become a larger problem and do more damage.

Clogged Drains

Many times, before a drain gets a full blown clog, the drain will flow slowly. This is a sign that a clog is approaching. You might even hear some gurgling from the drain, or see some bubbling as water makes its way down the pipes. It’s easy to just sit and wait it out, but it’s actually a problem brewing beneath the surface that will only worsen over time. Call a professional plumber if you can’t clear the clog yourself.

We think that it’s just a small inconvenience to have a clog. Something to wait out, or something we just have to deal with until we can get around to fixing it someday. But really, they are much more than that. Clogged drains are the sign of a bigger problem, or if not they will lead to a bigger problem and could require hydro jetting in the future. When left untreated, the clog will become bigger, putting a strain on your pipes and plumbing system, which will eventually lead to a leak, or a full on burst. Don’t leave it unattended. Get it looked at at the first sign of a problem.

We often go to the first line of defense at the first sign of a clog, chemical cleaners. They shouldn’t be our first thought. They actually can damage the pipes in our homes. Yes they might clear a clog on a temporary basis, but they can also corrode the pipes. Go for a more natural solution like baking soda and hot water. The bubbles can help to clean the pipes.

Yes, clogs are a frustrating problem, and they never happen at the most opportune time. That’s why Wyman Plumbing is here for you and can help get your pipes clean! Contact us for help with clogged drains!

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