A sewer drain clog can be a serious issue, and even a health issue. When faced with a sewer drain clog, there runs the risk of the sewer waste having nowhere to go but back into your home. Gross! That is a serious health issue. If you are looking at a clog, it’s important not to use any plumbing in your home until the clog is cleared.

If your home is connected to municipal sewer service, there are branch drains from each plumbing fixture in your home. These connect to the main drain in the home which then leads to the main sewer drain pipe in your yard which goes to the sewer service. This is only about 3-4 inches in diameter.

Sewer Drain Clog

If any of these become clogged, you’ll see symptoms like these:

  • Multiple systems will back up at the same time. Typically you’ll notice the toilet backing up first, but other fixtures that are low lying will back up too, such as showers or tubs.
  • If you notice a problem with the toilet flushing properly, or hear gurgling when you run the sink, this is a giveaway sign.
  • Because tubs and showers sit lower, they will tend to get blocked sooner. Check those to see if they’re blocked. If it’s a serious blockage, they will fill with wastewater.
  • Check for trapped air by running the sink and looking to the toilet for rising water levels or gurgling sounds.
  • The washing machine is another place to find out if there’s sewer drain trouble. If the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow, or the tub to back up, it’s a good sign that the sewer is backed up. It’s good to note however that if the toilets still flush, it’s a problem with the washer and the tub.

If you suspect a sewer drain problem in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Wyman Plumbing. We have been serving Bradenton, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Bradenton Beach, Palmetto, Ellenton, Parrish, Sarasota, and Lakewood Ranch since 1924.



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