Seasons come and go, and here in the Bradenton area of Florida, we don’t see the leaves change color, but we do notice drops or increases in humidity, or rainfall to remind us that they are in fact changing. The change of seasons are also a good time to put in place certain home owner reminders, or to-do lists. Fall is a good time for drain cleaning. They should be cleaned on a regular basis, they’re one of the most important parts of your homes plumbing systems.

We use them every day, whether it’s in our kitchen sink, or bathroom shower, drains are important.

Drain Cleaning

Why Drains need to be cleaned

Most of us shower daily, and when we do, we lose hair, and with that hair is soap and conditioner. As the hair builds up in the drain, so does the soap. Ultimately a sticky gooey mess builds up over time, and eventually there will be a clog in the drain. This is also true for the kitchen sink. We know we’re not supposed to put grease down the sink, but sometimes we forget, or put pieces of food down that are greasy, and those get caught up and end up clogging too. Then there are forces of nature that are out of our control, just due to where we live. Our area on the west coast of Florida has hard water, so these minerals and sediment build up on our pipes, and close the opening of the pipes, which make it harder for items to pass through them.

Cleaning the Pipes

Initially we reach for the harsh chemical cleaners, which will usually work initially. But these cleaners can eat away at the pipes, making for an even worse situation, leaks. It’s better to go the natural route with hot water and baking soda to clean the clogs. Some homeowners even go as far as to pressure wash their own pipes. That comes with its own host of problems. The pressure can be much too hard and can damage not only the pipes, but the joints and seals creating leaks or holes.

Call a Professional

When your homes drains need professional cleaning, call the professionals at Wyman Plumbing. Having your drains cleaned in the fall, preps your home for the busy holiday season. Our high pressure jetting is done safely and effectively by professionals, at the right pressure as to not damage your pipes. Contact us today for a consultation.

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