World Water Day has been held every year on March 22 since 1993 in celebration of water, and to raise awareness of the fact that there are over two billion people in the world who live without access to safe water. It is in conjunction to the UN Water Conference this year which is being held in New York from March 22-23. This conference is an opportunity to help solve the water and water sanitation crisis we face.

World Water Day

Each year there is a theme to World Water Day, the theme this year is about how we can accelerate change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. Just because most of us here in the United States have access to clean and running water, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect us, because it does. So it means that we all need to take action. We can all take action, at home, at work, our children can in school too. It is all in how we change the way we use and consume water in our every day lives.

The main goal is for us to fulfill the WASH initiative. Ensuring that Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene are core elements in homes, governments, and corporations.  This means that investments need to be made in pipes, sewer systems, wells, water treatment facilities, as well as basic maintenance.

Here are ways you can help to celebrate at home:

  • Use water wisely, like turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth
  • Plant trees to help the environment, which in turn helps erosion, and the prevention of flooding
  • Contact a plumber near you to install low flow shower heads
  • Use recycled goods as they use less water to break them down

We need water in every facet of our lives. We need it for our bodies, to grow our foods, for bathing and sanitary needs. It is our most precious resource. Help to save every drop! Contact us if you think you have any leaks, or need help installing water saving faucets.

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