World Plumbing Day is celebrated each year on March 11th. Plumbing is important for many reasons other than drainage. It’s important because of basic hygiene. And not everyone has access to basic plumbing even in this day and age.

Why Plumbing is Important

Plumbing is important to keep ourselves and our homes clean, as well as the businesses we frequent. Plumbing is the one system in our homes we can’t live without. Without plumbing we can’t keep clean, we can’t cook or bathe, can’t flush toilets, and couldn’t even use air conditioners!

Plumbers install and repair pipes that give our homes water and gas. These pipes also take waste water away from our homes and businesses. They also install sinks, toilets, and appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. And when there is a leak or a broken fixture, they come repair or replace those too.

We need trained plumbers because it is a carefully regulated field. It’s one of the most closely regulated professions in the United States. The rules for plumbing vary from state to state, but they’re here to protect us from harmful bacteria and to keep us safe. What would happen if your water heater was at an unsafe temperature, or if poisonous gasses were coming back into your home? Plumbers are trained to handle these conditions.

You can become a plumber in Florida with a license which proves that you have four years of experience and or related education, as well as public liability, property damage, and workers compensation insurance. You must also pass an exam.

Wyman Plumbing is currently hiring both service plumbing technicians as well as plumbing apprentices, which can get you well on your way to becoming a plumber licensed in the state of Florida. It’s a great profession to be part of!

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