Plumbing has improved our lives in so many ways, ways that we usually don’t think about every day as we use our plumbing systems. We take them as convenience, but when plumbing systems go wrong, not only are they inconvenient, but they can be embarrassing, such as a slow flushing toilet. Especially when guests are over and you assume the toilet flushed and walked away. It’s important to figure out why you have a slow flushing toilet. Here are some of the possible reasons.

Slow Flushing Toilet

One of the most common reasons is a low water level in the tank itself. Usually the pressure provided from the full tank will be enough to clear the contents of the bowl and refill it after. But if the tank isn’t full, the toilet won’t fully flush. This can be fixed by adjusting the float so that the tank fills with more water before the fill valve is shut off.

If a drain is partially clogged, it’s much harder to see than if the toilet is clogged. But that could be why the toilet is flushing slowly. To see if this is why, try plunging it anyway. If it still doesn’t work try using a snake. There could be children’s toys or wipes in the drain line. If you’re still having trouble call a professional plumber like Wyman Plumbing.

When you’re cleaning the toilet, you may have noticed under the rim there are small holes. Because Bradenton and Sarasota are known for having such hard water, those holes can become clogged with mineral deposits. When this happens, the water won’t flow freely which can cause it to fill slowly. Clean this with vinegar and a bristle brush to break it up. If it continues, you could install a water softener as it’s probably happening in other areas of your home too.

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