Summer is fast approaching, and between graduations, parties, and regular summer vacations, it is time to prepare your plumbing for a worry free vacation. There are several items to check and prepare for before you embark on that carefree summer vacation. We have detailed these tips to prepare your plumbing below.

Prepare Your Plumbing

It’s most important to turn off the main water valve before you leave. This is so important because you never know what emergency is going to happen, something simple could break and cause water to be pouring out the whole time you’re away. This will not only prevent damage in your home, but also a huge water bill! If like most people in Anna Maria and Bradenton you have an automatic lawn sprinkler system, turn that off separately.

It’s a good thing to consider turning down the thermostat on your water heater. If you have a tankless water you don’t need to worry about that. But with a regular water heater, if you’re not home, there’s no need to be heating that water all the time.

Check you pipes prior to leaving to ensure there are no leaks around the home. If you do notice any suspicious areas, contact a professional plumber like ours here at Wyman Plumbing. This way you can vacation with a peace of mind.

Have a close family member or trusted neighbor check in from time to time if you have that possibility. This way they can make sure nothing is wrong, and turn on the water valve just before you return home so the water is all ready and running for you!

There’s no need to worry about plumbing problems during your vacation. When you take these steps listed above you can help to avoid an emergency knowing that your home is protected! If you have any suspicions, contact Wyman Plumbing, we’re here for you in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas!

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