School is out for summer, meaning kids are home and with that brings the possibility of kids and plumbing problems. Kids are curious little buggers, and one thing they love to do is play with water! When they’re old enough of course, they naturally habitat to the bathroom. It seems to be the room they love. There’s so much mischief they can get into there. Between playing with mom’s makeup, or dad’s shaving cream, it’s just full of fun. We know it’s not a playground, that it is a dangerous place to be left unattended, but these are some of the kids plumbing problems that can occur as well.

Kids and Plumbing Problems

Toilet Paper

They might be cute, but after your child has mastered potty training and have a little independence in that department sometimes they go a bit overboard with the toilet paper. It’s great, but that causes problems in the way of clogging the toilet. Your best bet is to teach them how much to use in the beginning.

Playing with Water

There’s nothing as fun as playing with water in the sink. Kids love to fill the sink up with water and put their toys in and splash around. Most sinks come equipped with the overflow feature hole to prevent the sink from overflowing onto the floor. But this might not always work, or it could become blocked. Furthermore it can become a slip hazard.

Toys in the Toilet

If there’s no chair or stool for the little ones to get to the sink, the toilet becomes the next best place to play with toys. Yes, gross! But it isn’t only gross, it can be very damaging to your drain system if a toy is flushed down the toilet. Calling a professional plumber ASAP is important.

At Wyman Plumbing we understand accidents happen, and we’re here to help! Give us a call if you find yourself in a similar situation. Wyman is a hometown plumber providing plumbing services to Bradenton and surrounding areas.

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