Whether you know it as a food waste disposal, or garburator, or more commonly a garbage disposal. It has been a common household appliance sine the 1950’s. It is a true American invention dating back to its inception in 1927.

People have a love hate relationship, usually because they are never given a few critical garbage disposal facts.

  1. You Feed the beast. Never push the contents into the drum and pack it solid then turn it on.  Always turn it on with water, and gently push the food into the well to allow the blades to move freely.
  2. Water Water Water- It goes on prior to flipping the switch, and continues to stay on after you have turned it off. The biggest cause of kitchen line stoppages is the water is turned off when you turn the disposal off, not allowing the ground food to travel through waste lines to the street.
  3. They have their limits! Stringy vegetables or fruits such as celery and banana peels tend to get wound around the shaft not allowing the blades to turn which could cause the motor damage. No fruit pits, seeds kernels all of which the blade cannot go through. Coffee grounds are a big no no!
  4. Garbage disposals need a little TLC. If you leave for extended periods of time, always run the water for several minutes to ensure you will not come back to a stoppage where the food has sat and solidified in the line while you are gone. Another tip is to pour a little cooking oil into the disposal and turn it on for a few seconds when you head north. This will grease it and prevent it from rusting or freezing up.
  5. Smelly Nelly’s!  Place ice cubes in the drum and turn on the switch without water until you hear the difference in sound. This helps to remove anything that sticks to the sides.  Baking soda and hot water or strips of citrus peel ground up can also help with the smell.
  6. Last But, Not Least- Size Matters! If you are a serious cook or have a big family, invest in a little bigger machine. People who are not a fan usually have had a bad experience with a smaller horsepower garbage disposal that does not grind as fine as it should allowing debris to travel through your sewer line freely. This causes stoppages or leaves food in the drum. Always purchase at least a 3/4HP or more depending on your needs.  Also, larger machines have more insulation which makes them quieter for open concept kitchens.

If you have any questions about a new garbage disposal, or getting one installed, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help!





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